Truepress Jet W3200 UV II

SCREEN’s flat-bed printer with optional roll-to-roll capabilities achieves excellent results and can operate at 184 m2 per hour. It is a highly versatile system that can produce high-quality graphics, including multilayer spot silk, day/night backlit applications, and three-dimensional effects.


Machine Profile


TypUV-cured flatbed inkjet printing system
Max. Media size 3,2 x 1,6 m
Max. Media thickness 50 mm
Max. ProductivityHS: 184 m2/hr; ST: 85 m2/hr
Print mode HS: 8 Modes, ST: 4 Modes
Head Fujifilm Dimatix
InksCMYK, optional Lc/Lm, White
Resolution 1.000 dpi



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